A Stormbound Ferry Leads to Tide Pools, Scones, and Rainbows Along the Firth of Clyde

After a week of being in a concrete jungle of a big city, it was time to explore the landscape a bit to see what Scotland looks like beyond the city center. After getting some good suggestions from my host family where I'm staying, I headed out early on train to the Isle of Arran. I was looking forward to taking a ferry across to the island. 

Yet upon arrival we found that the ferry was still at the island due to storming weather. 

While walking back to the train platform, I met Miriam from Liechtenstein. She too had been looking forward to an adventure on the Isle of Arron. We decided to team together and navigate the buses and trains north along the coast to see what we could see with the day ahead. It was exciting to almost immediately find tide pools to explore along the Firth of Clyde. 

We then got a train north to Largs and found ourselves in an award winning cafe for scones and tea. 

Fierce wind made for some super 'high chop' (inside joke with my sailing friends) along the coast at Largs.  

Magnus the Viking commemorates 750 year anniversary of the Battle of Largs. The Vikings were defeated at the Battle of Largs in 1263; their last raid on Scottish soil. Under the Treaty of Perth, Magnus King of Norway surrendered the Western Isles and the Isle of Man to the Scottish Crown in 1266. 

Walking about the the town of Largs was quiet and refreshing. 

This house seemed adequate for my liking... should I want to ever live in Largs, Scotland. 

On the bus to Gourock, Scotland the coast was beautiful, and we even saw a rainbow.  

Gourock on a quiet Sunday morning

View from top of the stairs looking north at the hills of Scotland

These are bowling greens... need to find out more about this game. 

Gourock, Scotland

Made the very most of a rest day, not at COP26 while in Scotland. Sharing most of the day with Miriam, the Senior Advisor for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Economy and Environment from Liechtenstein was lovely. She and I had so much in common; mostly a love for exploring new places outside of a large city. It was also important to have a mental rest day without so much input from the United Nations Climate Change conference. Having such easy access to trains and busses is so nice to make these types of excursions possible. 

Tomorrow instead of the UNFCCC conference, I'm going to check out a few sessions from the People's Climate Summit; much of which is also accessible online from anywhere. 

Follow Sarah's experience of UNFCCC COP26 in Glasgow Scotland at www.WildRoseEducation.com/UNCOP


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