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Hamline University MAEd NSEE Application Essay

It’s a beautiful day on the Crystal River, a high mountain stream in the Southern Rockies of Colorado. Twenty fifth graders from the local school are here to become “junior geomorphologists,” investigating the lay of the land and how it affects the health and flow of the river. They are instructed to make observations, measurements, and to obtain a general overall feeling of the place before heading to a neighboring river system that is not so healthy. There they will complete a comparative study of the two river systems. The students finish their data sheets, and then begin playing by the river, flipping rocks, moving logs, getting their feet wet, building rock dams in the river, laying on the edge of the river with their hands in the river, watching, listening, and experiencing the place without being instructed to do so; I let it naturally happen. Environmental education is a place based opportunity to explore how the one’s world (community or environment) works and an understanding