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Where I’m Headed (or so I think):

I want to teach people how to learn a place. We can call it bioregionalism, landscape studies, interdisciplinary studies, experiential, regionalism; regardless of what we call it, I want to teach it.  I want to offer students the opportunity to become critical thinkers, invested, and knowledgeable (spiritually, creatively, and scientifically) of a place.  It is understood that when teaching students to be citizens of place, disciplinary depth is not expected; rather a broad breadth of synthesis is the ultimate goal.   I want to teach students to become members of a place by learning everything about it: geology, politics, flora, fauna, sociology, current issues, human history, culture, natural resources, and more: how the place works and functions as one community interwoven together. I want students to understand the cyclic nature of place; creation and loss. I want students to witness an intense consciousness of land and it’s relation with the human community. I want to teach them to