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Creating My Story - Pecha Kucha

Flattops Wilderness Backpack

After years of trying to execute a backpack trip and journey into the western Colorado Flattops Wilderness, a friend and I set out for a three day loop hike in September. It was in this area where Arthur Carhart of the US Forest Service surveyed during the 1920s and recommended it managed as is; where Wilderness was born. This area is known for its wildness and remote rich ecosystem and wilderness values. The 25 mile loop trail followed mountain streams, wound around large alpine lakes, got lost in the abnormally wet dense spruce/fir forest, opened up on top of the Flattops where the trail completely disappeared due to a lack of foot traffic and lead us to beautiful views and vistas.  Due to a lack of human presence, wildlife spottings were abundant. We encountered elk, eagles, schools of trout, fox, coyotes and we even came upon fresh bear tracks. The magical sounds of the elk bugling woke us up in the morning and also echoed through the forest long into the evening. Rainstorms brough

Labor Day Weekend on Avalanche Pass

Getting out and exploring ‘new to me’ places is one of my favorite ways to spend my time off. I literally spread the trail maps out on the floor of my small apartment and begin dreaming. I lay on the floor and trace multiple routes determining their distance and elevation, figuring out which would be best for easy day hikes, longer harder epic day hikes, and longer overnight backpacking adventures – my favorite. I always seek out the new uncharted un-highlighted (yes, I highlight all the trails on the map that I’ve spent time on) trails that I've never explored. Then I begin to list the possible routes in my notebook next to the list of my possible hiking buddies. After spending a couple hours speculating the best route for the perfect weekend, I then email the usual suspects – friends who also share my love and passion for exploring wilderness areas. After much planning, deliberation, and soliciting partners this time I ended up going by myself. Sometimes this is the best way anyw