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The Evolution of the Field of Environmental Education

Colorado Master Environmental Educator Certification Response to: Krasny, M., Lundholm, C., & Plummer, R. (2010). Resilience in social-ecological systems: the role of learning and education. Environmental education research, 16(5-6), 463-474. We are living through a paradigm shift on this planet. Doing things as we have always done them is not working and will not work into the future. As described in this editorial, it is time for something different and it may take some significant risk. Looking at environmental management and education from a social-ecological approach is described as being the new paradigm. However, if we look back at the founders of the ecology and conservation movement, this has been  proposed before less formally by Leopold and others. It can take generations for a new paradigm to become the norm as we can see here.  Effective watershed education is a strong exampl