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Aspen Daily News April 19, 2013

Unexplored Desert Canyons

After living in Western Colorado for nearly 9 years I finally went an explored a couple canyons off of Highway 50 that I’ve driven by often. Fully loaded in the small Subaru Imprezza with four people and the dog and all of our gear for the weekend, we took off for a weekend adventure in a new place. It’s such an unused area that the map selection is extremely limited. Unless we could get our hands on a USGS 7.5minute quadrangle map (yeah, most people don’t even know what those are) there are only very basic illustrated BLM maps available for download and printing. So with our crude simple map, we ventured the two hour drive from our small mountain town to Dominguez and Escalante Canyons along the banks of the Gunnison River. We had been told a couple anecdotal stories of this area including that there may be some rock art, there may or may not be a public bridge across the river, and that camping was questionable. With our limited knowledge we were psyched for the adventure. Arriving a