Deep Winter Cruise

(written for Bonedale Bike Week 2011)
Layers and layers -  fleece, wool, down, and polypro too
dressing for sub freezing temps under the full moon
gloves, hats, mittens, neck gaiters, scarves, socks, boots, hats, sometimes muffs
fat as a Santa with all the fluff.
Ice cycles grow from our noses
on frost covered bikes 
we’re cruising the town.
Snow lodged between fenders and wheels
We’re peddling and pushing through inches of white pow now turned brown.
slow turning corners, no sliding around
feet dangling near to the ground ready

ready to recover from slipping and sliding on dark icy paths.
bike bling surrounds-
horns, bells, whistles, booming tunes, shiny tinsel, and lights
on the rear, in the front, in the spokes, wrapping the frame, held on tight
blue, green, red, yellow, purple - lights
spinning, twirling, moving, glowing, flashing lights
reflecting on the snow in the sparkling moonlight.
A rather intimate and hardy bunch
camaraderie high,
keeping warm with rum and such.
Wipeouts on black ice, a few falling down
now back on the saddle, moon’s blaze surrounds
whooping it up with friends new and old
raising a ruckus all through the night
under the magic full moon light.


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